Being a solo player on this game sucks (not a SBMM post)

Admittedly I'm not the best at this game. I probably barely scrape the barrel of average only getting the occasional decent game in (part of it may be due to the new SBMM but that's not the point of this post).

When I load up a game and find I have no teammates it's annoying. It's also annoying when I have a teammate who is afk leaving me alone for the game.

This is not fun. When things like this happens I find myself either playing the long game and attempting to 3rd party the last 2 teams (remember I'm average so this is definitely not easy for me) or the alternative push the first fight I hear and inevitably die. I understand that death happens in this game but when I drop in solo without teammates it kinda feels like that's the outcome either way.

I wish there was someway to give players who are literally by themselves a chance rather than pure luck because it's potentially 200hp vs 600hp + Gibbys ads shield + Caustic and Gibbys 15% damage reduction that's potentially 200hp vs 675hp+30% damage reduction (assuming there's a Gibby and a Caustic on the enemy team)


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