Best/Worst finishers?

This is just a discussion so I can get people's opinions, because to be honest I'm really curious.
So, finishers. We all love them. They refresh your shields, they're all about 5 seconds, and they're all good fun. All finishers are created equal, though some are more equal than others. So, uh, which ones?
My favourite are Mirage's finishers. They demonstrate his ability, they demonstrate his character, and they're just awesome to look at.
And my least favourite is Lifeline's first finisher. It's just painful to look at. She does that cute dance, which could lead into a really fun kill, but nope, she just stiffly moves back to an idle position and hits them with a drumstick. It's just… Ugh. I hate it.
And can we all just agree that on any character except Caustic, the punching finishers are just… So boring. Plain. Nothing really interesting.

So, opinions anyone?


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