Bloodhound and Mirage need a buff. Make Bloodhound a good tracker as Crypto is. Here some suggestions

First of all it is clear that Bloodhound has received Buff both in season 2 and in the new season however, this legend is not as good as it should be, the argument of "You have to use it intelligently" given by people who are not Bloodhound main I don't think it's valid.

  1. The passive of Bloodhound is the best that this character has and very useful, I do not think it needs a Buff, if it is required it could increase the duration of this.

  2. Tactical:
    Despite having received a Buff at the beginning of season 2, I think a good way to make it more useful would be to increase the duration of this. In the open field, the crypto tactical is a thousand times better than Bloodhound's since the Drone at all times shows you the location of the enemies. Bloodhound's tactic is "something more useful" in enclosed spaces. "I think it would be a good idea to increase the duration of your tactical ability, so that it is just as good as Crypto's. As well as decrease your cooldown further. Crypto is a surveillance tracker capable of using his ability at all times without cooldown, unless his drone is destroyed, something similar should happen with Bloodhound, as I mentioned decreasing the cooldown would be most appropriate.

  3. Ultimate ability: Beast of the hunt:
    As a bloodhound main, I almost never see the use of this ability necessary, except sometimes when I don't see anyone on the map and I want to know where the enemies hide. The worst of this ability is the noise it makes when activated and which is audible over long distances, giving you the opportunity to wait for Bloodhound and kill him easily, I must mention that the times that the enemies have used it against me, I have been made it simple to eliminate them simply by listening where they move. A good idea would be to prevent this sound from being audible to enemies or decrease a large percentage of the sound. I think that reducing it would be the most correct thing to prevent people from believing that Bloodhound is OP, which would not be true. In addition, this ability is called Beast of the hunt, being the beasts beings with great mobility, strength and endurance, ideally as well as with Gibby and caustic increase during the time that his ability is activated Bloodhound's resistance to enemy bullets, such once at 5%, 7% or 10%. At the same time, his tactical ability to see through structures is also active for the duration of Beast of the hunt. It is worth mentioning that Bloodhound is one of the legends with the easiest hitbox to aim for. That is why I suggest increasing the resistance to bullets during the period that your ability is active.
    In short: Beast of the hunt: Tactical ability plus ultimate ability.
    Finally, all this time we have known Arthur the Bloodhound crow, why not make it useful too? Imagine if using his ultimate ability, Bloodhound sends his raven to attack as well (Something similar to Mordecai from Borderlands) the raven would cause a bite to the enemies causing them to bleed and lose 0.5 life until the ultimate is over giving a total of only 20% of the total life lost.

In my opinion Bloodhound and Mirage, passive and tactical ability are the worst in the game. The only thing good about Mirage is the ultimate which is very useful.

If you disagree with me, just check the other legends, all of them have their 3 skills: passive, tactical and ultimate very good balanced. Unlike these 2 mentioned legends that possess 1 or 2 only good skills


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