Buff ideas for Loba, Octane and Lifeline

Its season 6 and some legends are totally useless in ranked/competitive apex.

I've suggested some buffs for some of the legends to make these legends more competitive.


  • Passive:
    • Can see purple/gold items through walls [her current passive]
    • New: When teammates ask for loot, Loba can locate the item[Range 2x the range of Ultimate]. Example: When a teammates ask for a shotgun bolt, the location of nearby shotgun bolts will be pinged by Loba automatically
  • Tactical:
    • Reduced animation time between teleport [She should disappear from her current location within 0.2secs, travels with the bracelet, appear at the target location(0.3secs)] Loba shouldn't be a sitting duck during the whole bracelet tossing thing.
    • Please fix bug where teleport doesn't work
  • Ultimate:
    • Loba should be able to pick up banners with her ult
    • Reduce the sound/visual cues that indicate that Loba ult us being used


  • Passive:
    • Heals 1HP every second when not taking any damage
    • Heals 4HP every second when he's not moving and not taking damage [This reduces the need for octane to carry syringes. He can carry nades instead and this makes him a better fragger]
  • Tactical:
    • Stim Damage reduced to 5hp
    • Octane can use stim continuously up to 4 times. After which there is a cool down. Cool down increases by the number of times you used stim continuously[Example 2s, 5s, 8s, 10s ]. This will allow octane to outrun any other legend. Right now octane cant even get away from wraith.
  • Ultimate:
    • Two charges for jump pad [60sec cool down for each one].
    • When in air after using the jump pad you get "Air Shields" which has 75HP and disappears as soon as you land on the ground. This can be used only once for a given jump pad. [This will prevent people from duck shooting octane when he uses his jump pad. This will also improve octanes viability as a movement legend. In specific cases, you can even use this to push teams that are in the open] If this turns out to be too OP, then you can reduce the shields/increase cool down.


  • Passive:
    • Lifelines passive is good, But as a combat medic, she SHOULD have fast revive. Gibby already has a million passives. Gibby can have fast heals under dome as it really helps the entire team.
  • Tactical:
    • Her drone is static and doesn't move. When only a single player is connected to the drone the drone follows the player. Not sure if this will be too useful and necessary.
  • Ultimate:
    • Her ultimate should have 3 slots [Armour, Attachments, Heals]. And the care package should drop heals, Armour, attachments smartly. I don't want to get a sniper scope when no one in my team is using a sniper, a purple knockdown shield when my team has only white shields. The care package should automatically pick shields, attachments depending on the load out the players are using.
    • Lifelines ultimate is still very weak compared to Loba. The cool down is just too much. Even with the buff its pretty much going to be useless in competitive apex.
    • Buff 2: Lifelines ultimate after dropping to the ground can be turned into a wall for cover. You can also drop a care package without any loot at 30% of your ultimate for just using it as a wall. This will be very useful in competitive apex because literally a small rock can be the difference between a team making to top 5 and a team getting shot by multiple teams because they didn't have cover.

These are just suggestions. So feel free to suggest changes.

I apologize in advance for my poor English.


  • Increase Octane stim cooldown depending on the number of times stim is used continuously. Suggested by u/FloofSquadBravo
  • Decrease Loba tactical charge to one. Suggested by u/artmorte

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ixxcla/buff_ideas_for_loba_octane_and_lifeline/

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