Buffs/Side-Buffs for OP and Underpowered Characters

First off, I agree, nerfing characters is NOT the way to go ESPECIALLY nerfing abilities that make characters fun to play. For example, I disagree with the Pathfinder nerf. (or at least the extent of the nerf). I think a better balancing method is buffing underpowered characters. However, some characters have massively overpowered, but unfun (competitively) abilities. So I will propose side-buffs/side-nerfs so that the loss or nerfing of these abilities won't feel too devastating. I want to focus on four characters that range from underwhelming to S tier. I also hope that the leaked global class passives come through and these suggestions take those into account.


Lifeline (Currently C tier)

As it stands, Lifeline is in by far the most awkward positioning for all characters. Gibraltar especially does everything Lifeline does but better and Loba's ultimate is better than Lifeline's Care package in most cases. AND Lifeline has low-profile. Definitely the weakest of the three support characters.

-Passive: Remains the same.

-Tactical: D.O.C can now pick up teammates if dropped near them. Time to pickup is 10 seconds.

-Ultimate: Mega D.OC. Much like lifeline's current ultimate, but the time to come down is 5 seconds. Upon coming down the care package will pulse out healing to all nearby players (about 1.5x the size of Gibraltar's dome) at a rate of 10 health every 1 seconds for 15 seconds.


Revenant (Currently B tier)

I think Rev's in a really solid place. However, his climb is a bit underwhelming. Increase his climb distance/speed by 2. Revenant should theoretically be able to climb up most non-multistoried structures with ease.

Death Totem: In addition to how it currently works, legend climb speed/distance is increased by 2. This would allow Revenant to climb up most buildings fairly rapidly but also not potentially break the game with climb spots that probably shouldn't be allowed and also allow for pretty creative team flanks.


Crypto (B tier)

Crypto is very solid surprisingly and if/once he gets the abilities to scan beacons. I do think he isn't used properly most of the time… That being said, his passive needs a rework regardless.

Elite hacking: Crypto can use his drone or data knife to hack interactable objects. Holding the interact button will allow crypto to hack things. Hacked objects will be visibly hacked but only if one is paying attention. Hacked objects remain hacked for 2 minutes each. (A small HUD indicator over the object will show crypto how much time is remaining when near the object)

Doors: 3 seconds to hack. Crypto will be notified when a hostile player uses a door with an icon that appears on his HUD (must like Mirage's Bamboozle)

Supply Crates: 5 seconds to hack. Crypto will be notified when a hostile player opens a crate with an icon. One less item spawns.

Supply Drops: 5 Seconds to hack. Upon opening a supply drop, a mini emp blast will trigger dealing 20 damage to all players near the supply drop.

Deathbox: 5 seconds to hack. Crypto will be notified when a hostile player loots from a deathbox.

Respawn Beacon: 10 seconds to hack. Crypto can instantly reuse an already used respawn beacon.

Banners: 10 Seconds to hack. The player's banner appears on the banner despite not being kill leader/champion. The banner is very visibly hacked. (This would just be an easter egg)


Wraith (Currently S tier in competitive ranked… A tier otherwise)

So first off Wraith is very VERY good in competitive and ranked. However, as I said before, I would prefer to side-buff her. Make her more fun to play, but not as vital to have on a team comp as she is now.

-Into the Void: Reduce cooldown to 25 seconds. Increase movement speed by 5% while using the ability. Into the void is what makes Wraith fun, her cooldown is currently way too long and not as effective as the cooldown indicates.

Dimensional Rift is what pushes Wraith into necessary pick in comp and is what needs a rework IMO to at least move her down to A tier and increase legend variety in comp because this ability is ACTUALLY too good.

-Dimensional Rift: Increase total distance wraith can travel while activating the portal by a decent amount. The Rift when placed now has a visual indicator on how "stable" it is. When the circle is depleted the rift collapses and is unusable. The rift decreases stability 1% every second. Using the portal decreases stability by 20%. When the rift collapses, after a short animation indicating imminent collapse (3 seconds) all nearby players take 25-50 damage (depending on damage radius; allied players are heavily dazed like Bangalore and Gibraltar ults)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/h0m4rp/buffssidebuffs_for_op_and_underpowered_characters/

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