Can Apex Still Overtake Fornite?

Obviously Apex isnt dead. It's still has millions of players and tens of thousands of twitch views. People just dont use the word dead correctly these days, they just use it to describe a game they and their friends dont play anymore or a game that's not at its peak (ppl calling PubG dead). Apex is easily the best BR of all time, best map(s), best gunplay and most unique ideas. Even tho in the beginning the skins were ass it was still the most fun. And I feel like Apex could have been at least just as big as fornite right now if they did what they're doing right now with the game back in its first month. Apex is the fastest growing BR of all time and people really thought it was gonna take Fornites spot in the first month.

And Respawn did a decent job updating the game in the first month with a small valentine's update and and a new weapon. After that everyone was just waiting on the battle pass and it was still the top most streamed game. But then they delayed the battle pass and people got tired of waiting for it. I dont remember exactly how long but I'm pretty sure they delayed it for like 2 weeks. And then when the battle pass finally came out it was TRASH. Skins were still trash it was extremely grindy and the rewards sucked. And then the game didn't update at all for 4 MONTHS. That's where Apex started to lose popularity and Fortnite became number 1 again.

I dont really blame respawn because I'm positive they weren't prepared for they hype around it, and were they were working on a Titanfall project at the time. But in today's mobile game/live service model games you cant not update a game for that long and expect people to still care about it. Which is definitely why they stopped working on the Titanfall project. It doesn't need and we cant expect near daily updates like fornite but that was just too long. And even tho they're putting out amazing updates, amazing animated shorts, lore and events I dont feel like theres any huge streamer other than shroud occasionally streaming Apex consistently. And with CoD MW coming out soon its gonna lose some of its momentum with the new season, but I hope it can make it's way back to number 1 eventually.


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