Can i just say, apex needs more executions;

So I noticed how there are some simular executions in titanfall 2 and apex, such as the execution "late hit" which is close to wraiths " Existential crisis". I belive it would be cool to bring in Titanfall 2 executions, one great one for wraith would be "Inner pieces" or "Get to the point", but there are also others that would be great for the legends. Bangalore could have "Grand theft semi-auto" due to her being a weapons expert this would show her tactfulness. Mirage could have "Shadow boxing" which also uses the wingman in the finisher, so it would fit with how he makes the wingman appear and disappear when idol. For revenant, he could use "In your face" which would suit him well, he could change his hand into the knife for that added bonus.
And thats all I wanted to say really, I just thought that those titanfall executions would fit well with these champions.


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