Can we adjust OR EVEN BAN Lifeline for some special gamemodes?

Lifeline is a versatile legend, we get it.
People have complained enough how "absolutely useless" she is and as a result, she got buffed into high heaven.

  1. She brings loot (in Flashpoint, basically all those attachments you would kill for),
  2. she can revive 2 people at once,
  3. she can protect her team while using her revive passive (which has no CD (except the down timer of the poor lad that gets shot up everytime))
  4. she can heal,
  5. she has a smaller hitbox and take more dmg for it (wonder when they gonna complain enough for Respawn to drop that),
  6. she get loot even where other people are (in gamemodes without bare bones items, mostly nades or ammo (It is mostly something you can use) with that expanded supply bin passive
  7. Her Ultimate is a better cover than RAMPARTS BLOODY WALL, since it cant be destroyed.

While mostly all those things makes her one of the best legends to have in a team (or mostly a standard pick for everything since all those things above), it absolutely makes her a must pick for Flashpoint or Armed and Dangerous.
My suggestion: Lock her revive passive on a CD (why that did not happen baffles me), DISABLE her heal in HEAL ZONES (most of my game were lost in the last zone because some lifeline tanked 1-2 zone hits with her drone) and maybe increase her ult CD/make it only drop tier 2 items.

But hey, forget all this as a rant; Bloodhound got a slight nerf last patch – high time to buff him.
(Man, I really wish they would buff other legends as much as they buffed Lifeline and Bloodhound)


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