Can we agree to not tell our teammates they suck?

Seems like most of the games when my team gets wiped early or if I end up doing poorly during the match one of my teammates will say "you guys suck" before disconnecting. Please guys, we don't want to make this community like League of Legends. Even if you truly believe your teammates are trash and not just having a bad game don't tell them. You won't help them improve and you'll just make them upset and more likely to quit playing.

If you are a completely selfish person who doesn't care at all about the feelings of others and still thinks "I feel better when I tell my teammates they suck" then look at it this way: chances are you won't get those people on your team again and so if you make them quit the game then you miss out on the chance for some easy kills in another match. And less players in the game overall means longer queue times.


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