Can we talk about how broken / overpowered pathfinder feels?

Fighting a pathfinder was always a struggle, specially if he is somewhat skilled.

Pathfinder has:

– The best skill in the game, there is simply no contest here, being able to get away or get high ground with a single button is incredibly powerful when it comes to positioning in a game where positioning is extremely important, also servers as a free get out of here card.

– Wonky hitbox, I can consistently hit wraiths with the wingman but when it comes to pathfinders its like the bullets go through the guy, I dont know what is going on with his hitbox but when I actively try to hit him a big percentage of the shots whiff even though I am clearly seeing the bullets hit him. I also have gotten random ass headshots on pathfinders when I know I shouldnt of gotten it, is his head hitbox where it visually looks it like it is at?

– Only legend I cant hear at all when he is full sprinting towards me, I have had pathfinders sneak up behind me and shoot me point blank before I know they are there, this ONLY happens with pathfinder.

– I just played pathy, the middle reticle he gets for his skill is SO SO GOOD to hit hip fire shots with any gun, but it is specially good for hip firing with the wingman, just an unnecessary advantage to an already a little too strong legend.

– His passive is way too good in high level ranked play, knowing where the circle is going to close lets you choose your positioning extremely well which is a huge advantage in the last circles of ranked play.


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