Caustic and Wattson. Change?

I've had this thing on my mind for a very long time now, Caustic and Wattson. How come that caustic gas has friendly fire while Wattson fences doesn't?

Caustic gas is messing up his teammates with the gas while Wattson teammates can walk freely through her fences. Then on top of that Caustic can walk freely through enemy caustic gas while Wattson can't walk through enemy fences. They are completely different while basically having the same concept with traps and controlling larger areas.

Why not have both legends working the same? Have Caustic teammates walk freely through friendly caustic gas or have Wattson teammates take damage and stunned when walking through friendly fences. Maybe even add a different color gas to enemy Caustic, same as enemy Wattson has a different color on her fences.

Should they be changed to work the same since their kit is almost identical?

I'd love to know why they are designed like this and I'd love to know what everyone else things about this!


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