Caustic v. Wattson and Crypto v. Bloodhound opinions?

I’m curious about how people feel about these characters and their design overlap. Which do you think is better, and why?

And I am aware that they each have plenty of merit on their own, I just want to compare my thoughts to others in the community.

Personally, I’m biased toward Caustic in the first match up. They’re both zoning characters that require really good positioning to excel, but I give Caustic the edge because he has more offensive potential. Being able to use traps as cover and use his Ult on a push just make him feel more flexible. Also, Caustic has harder zone denial, being able to obstruct doors on the fly. I would like to hear from some Wattson mains to see what I might be missing or underplaying about her practical applications.

I also lean toward Bloodhound. His abilities have all the subtlety of fireworks show but they’re user friendly, can be used in the thick of a fight more effectively, and one doesn’t rely on the other. I do love Crypto though. I’ve been playing him more and more because I like how challenging it is to use his drone in a fight effectively.

Anyway, I would love to hear anyone else‘a thoughts.


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