Change my Mind: Apex is perfect. The playerbase isnt.

The core game of APEX is perfect. Its the most fun FPS Ive ever played. Sure theres alot of improvement server wise but the live service is great. We get a new event, season or split like almost every two weeks. Duos will be permanent which is huge! Solos would ruin this game and it will never come. Although I really like both maps, they are not supposed to be the same. The playerbase is running this game into the ground. KC has so much better loot than WE. Rare is supposed to be rare! And on KC rare is rare. Not Top5 everyone has a golden bodyshield. Now everyone complained and theyll adress this problem tomorrow. I hope they dont change it to much. KC is fast paced. You get an alternator off drop and go. Youll get what you need on your way killing squads. And thats what people loved. WE is different. You play slower. You gather. Which is also okay. But lately I discovered the main problem of APEX is randoms refusing to play the game the way its supposed to be. I never disconnect but if we land skyhook and the train is at the station unlooted and I ping it three times and then a full squad arrives and shreds me and my teammates are still looting the building they dropped, I cant help it but leave. Even with mics theyll ignore my suggestions and rush a 1v3. I have a lot of friends to play with which is why randoms dont kill the experience for me, but I sure see some games where I understand why the devs need to protect the potatoe players, because otherwise this game would not even last until the end of the season.

TLDR: the game is perfect but most people just dont care how to play it, so the devs need to change their perfect game so that freaking call of duty players can enjoy a masterpiece thats more than just about a quick kill or endless looting.


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