Changes in Diamond lobbies.

I was just thinking about some changes in Diamond lobbies as from D3 and above you start getting Pred lobbies and the player base is like 5%-8% according to the data shared by respawn when they launched the season. So it's been 6 seasons and we all know so far that because the number of players are less in high tier lobbies the matchmaking is done with Diamond lobbies and sometimes plats. So for plats is really unfair sometimes to fight against three stack sweats and for diamonds there is always gonna be a squad which will have -48 if they die early without any kill points. So if you win a match you get 177rp which I think is not sufficient because having 3 bad matches will take you back where you started. Instead reward players who are playing with more RP if they win a match or are in top 10 atleast. Plat is pretty much balanced since they dont fight preds all the time but for diamonds who are willing to get better I think they need some motivation. There is like a huge skill gap and a change like this could motivate people to play more and try more because they will be rewarded with it. We all know fighting professional players isnt easy and they do like 20 squad kills or 30 squad kills in pred lobbies sometimes because there is not enough competition. It will inspire other people to play rank as well and we might have enough diamond players in the near future that could populate the pred lobbies and reduce the skill gap. -48 is too much in my opinion when you only gain 177 rp for winning. It would make more sense to reduce it to -40 or increase the rp for winning matches. Plus for plat players who are put in pred lobbies make an exception that if put against pred lobbies they get an incentive where the player benefits for unfair matchmaking rather than just preds doing 20 squad kills or 30 squad kills.


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