Changes that I think Apex needs


Customizable cross-hairs: This is something a lot of people have wanted for a while. Most in-game cross-hairs are fine but some like the shotguns I would much rather have a static cross-hair in a more visible color like green.

Skip button: This button is visible after you die but doesn't do ANYTHING. It'd be great to skip the animations and stuff but the button at the moment is just there for display purposes.

Interact: This is probably the game's biggest problem. The interact button does way too many things. This causes problems like executing when you want to pick up a teammate, opening doors when you want to block them and pick up a teammate, etc. The button for each type of interaction should be bindable so it doesn't cause so many problems.

More practice range stuff: moving character models, parkour courses, challenges. Things that will make it easier and more fun to improve your skills outside of playing matches.


Minimum level: At the moment the minimum level to play ranked is level 10 but this is way too low because cheaters and smurfs can easily jump into it and boost people or ruin others' time.

Rank separation: There should be an RP spread limit to discourage cheaters, people in plat should not be able to queue with people in bronze. This goes in hand with the minimum level. I've seen more than a few cheaters on a fresh bronze account boosting others in plat and I know this is even more of a problem at higher ranks.

Kill cap: The new points system is a great step but The 5 kill cap needs to be removed the only purpose it serves is restricting people that should be at a higher rank to a lower rank both wasting their time, and ruining the experience of other people forced to play against these people that deserve a higher rank. If this change goes through assists should be valued at half a kill or no reward. Also uncapping kills would make it so the points system matches up more with professional play.

Match entry RP cost: Teams where all the players are constantly getting over 60 points such as any pro team (SEN, NRG, Liquid, etc), the point system becomes meaningless after they hit Predator. They can infinitely climb points and their predator rank doesn't mean anything because it is mostly based on playtime. A better solution to this would be after 10000 RP every 50 RP the match entry cost goes up another point so if a player is at 12000 RP the cost per match would be 100 RP. If you uncap kills this rate for entry cost per RP will need to be higher because the points per match will be significantly higher. This creates an actual challenge for those players at the top and gives more meaning to the predator rankings.


Eva-8: having Double-Tap on the gun makes the gun shoot slower. you can try this for yourself in the practice range, put a purple bolt on 2 Eva-8s one with Double-Tap one without. Switch the mode of the Double-Tap Eva-8 to continuous fire and it's

obvious there's a big difference in fire rate between the guns. There is no difference in fire rate between a purple bolt and no bolt when you have Double-Tap. This isn't a problem with the scout which is strange.

Map bugs: There are weird clippings around the map, in this clip the holding against the wall causes the player to be pushed back: [clip1](, in this clip my bullets get absorbed by an invisible wall: [clip2](, there are probably a ton more map bugs that go unreported.

These are more personal opinions so take them with a grain of salt


Turbocharger guns: Without Turbocharger the Havoc and Devotion are overall clunky, the ammo is the least common ammo type (both on ground and in death-boxes), and looking for the Turbocharger to make the weapon a debatable alternative to other guns is a gamble that doesn't really pay off when there are better alternatives.

Havoc Selectfire: It's amazing how bad Selectfire is on this gun please change it or get rid of it. There is pretty much no situation where Selectfire is a good option.

Eva-8 needs a change: Double-Tap makes the gun a little better if you have white or below bolt but if you have a purple bolt the fire rate using Double-Tap is slower which doesn't make sense cause having a hop-up should buff the gun not nerf it.


Peacekeeper: needs a nerf after the new projectile update. Before the update, this gun was already one of the top 3 in the game and now it's even stronger.

R-99: I feel this gun is too strong at higher levels because it can easily 200 to 0 someone in less than a second because of its extreme fire rate but this is more my personal opinion

Golden Armor: Fast heal at 50% is too strong and can make fights dumb. If you break a player's golden armor they have it back to full in 2.5 secs which is not enough time for a team to push and makes it hard to fight against. The other golden items feel much more balanced and this ability has always been significantly better than the rest it should be brought to around 33% so it's stronger than lifeline but not overpowered.


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