Console Cycle Ending, Cross-Purchase Needs Reviewed

Cross-purchase for Apex Legends has been vetoed in an early interview, I’m aware. And that might be an irreversible decision. But I’m sure that I’m not the only one who, as the current console lifecycle ends, is considering a different ecosystem (for me, already in the process of PS4 > PC), perhaps even Sony to Microsoft or vice versa.

I would love to see an option to transfer, even it cost me money. Hell, if it cost $100 to move skins and other over, I wouldn’t hesitate.

I have played and supported this game from day 1. I have over $500 wrapped up in it. Because I love every part of what Respawn has built, the art, the music packs, etc. I’m on the store every Friday and Saturday, eager to see the recolors, even when they aren't particularly good.

I completely respect the various relationships at play here, between EA and Sony and Microsoft. I’m not hoping for anything for free. No matter if, in my move to PC, I was willing to put that much money down all over again–these were limited time event purchases. I just would love to see an option for me and others who want to continue to support this thing and not have huge (e.g. $500) regrets. If it cost money to copy+paste my stuff over to PC, so be it.

Anyone else in a similar position? I know many on this subreddit will find this absurd, as they already feel the Apex Store overcharges. That's a separate conversation. I would like to know whether anyone else in the community would voice in and/or feels at a loss.


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