Controller players cannot cycle weapons as quickly as keyboard players due to a design oversight

On keyboard, weapon 1, weapon 2 and holster weapons all are assigned their own keys, typically as follows:

The moment you press key 1 or 2, the weapon cycle begins as expected.

On controller, there is instead a single button that cycles weapons and holsters depending on how long the button is held for.

It works as follows:

{Key press}…short time period…{Key release}[Cycle Weapon]

{Key press}…long time period…[Holster Weapon]{Key release}

This works, but is unnecessarily slow. This is how it could work:

{Key press}[Holster Weapon]…short time period…{Key release}[Cycle Weapon]

{Key press}[Holster Weapon]…long time period…{Key release}

This works because the time taken to holster weapon is longer than the …short time period… required to initiate the cycle weapon stage. In other words, by the time you've put away your first weapon you've already told it you want to pull out your other weapon.

This would improve the responsiveness of both holstering and cycling weapons. It would shorten weapon cycle time, perhaps by 30ms, which may not sound like much but players would certainly notice the difference.


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