Crypto Needs a Fun Active Ability

Crypto is my favorite Legend. His character, dialogue, voice, they're all perfect! But I find him to be very un-fun to play a lot of the time. I have come to the conclusion it is because he lacks an active ability that is quick and feels good and impactful to use, like all other Legends have. Entering the drone often feels sluggish, I want to provide a quick option when time is not on your side. Long story short, here is my solution:

Added Tactical Ability: Drone Throw

Hold tactical ability button down and activates the throw arc, when released, Crypto will quickly throw his drone into a position without having to enter the drone.
After it is thrown, press tactical ability button again while drone is in midair, traveling in thrown arc, and it will stop and hover in position there. You can still pilot the drone manually as it is now by singe-tapping the tactical ability button.

Design Notes: This added option gives flexibiliy to Crypto to place his drone quickly into recon spots, or setup for a good EMP. This also gives Crypto a fun ability to throw out like other legnds have.

Cool voice lines I thought up for when he throws it,
"Yeah, drones in position."
"Drone placed."
"Eye in the sky."
"Drone deployed."
"My drone is on watch."


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