Crypto Needs an Aggressive Buff

Crypto needs a rework of his drone because right now he's just not fun to play with.

If he had more of a run and gun style it would help. When pushing a squad, instead of having to stop mid-run, log into my drone, and back out of it, I should be able to just throw it out and keep running. A nice buff would be for it to follow Crypto above or stay and guard much like the commands for auto-pilot Titans in Titanfall. This would make Crypto more aggressive and less of a passive character. I find myself falling behind my squad with him way too often.

I dont think any legend needs a nerf right now but there's several who need buffs. I might as well mention everyone else while I'm here.

Caustic- Make his gas more team-friendly pls. Take away friendly slow-down, blinding, and make enemy gas traps have a different color.

Wattson- Make her immune to enemy fences like Caustic is immune to traps. Why does she even wear all that gear if she still gets shocked herself? I still don't understand why she needed nerfs. The 5% damage nerf seems off considering shes bigger than wraith and lifeline but I can live with it I guess

Bloodhound needs a lot of work. His scan could have a larger radius and last longer, his ult should be faster, and his big ass head should have a damage buff idk.

Mirage-the decoys could be more sophisticated, have more actions maybe. His passive is trash, maybe make it last longer like 30 sec or a min? His ult is decent, I dont think its that bad.

Octane- Make him faster, or give an option to double down and use more health for a boost. Maybe he can thrown two jump pads at once? Or at least make his ults charge faster.

Lifeline is fine I guess. I dont know what you could buff. Make her care package less noticeable?

Bangalore is fine. I dont think she needs any buffs. Her ult is more of a nuisance than anything but it can be effective.

Gibby, Path, Wraith are fine. No more nerfs or buffs theyre in a good spot.

Thats it baby. And since everyone else is saying it nerf the dang Peacekeeper, get rid of the choke or something.


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