Crypto should have a different passive

I don't know if this has been brought up before, but crypto should have a different passive.Right now his passive is that he can notify his teammates of what his drone sees. In my opinion, this should be included in the tactical. For example, mirage's holograms notify the entire squad of the position of the enemy under the condition that it gets shot. This is included into the tactical. Another example is Bloodhound's scans, which can be seen by the entire team. In this case, shouldn't that be his passive? Or Crypto should have a different passive and his current one be included into his tactical, or even if it isn't, the ping system works throught the drone, practically rendering his passive useless. This is my opinion on Crypto, but other than that he is a great legend.

P.S – I understand that the devs are working from home. I'm not expecting anything major but a little insight could help with game development. Respawn is doing a great job!

P.P.S – This is not from me this is from a friend having trouble posting. His username is peepee69420poopoo


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