Crypto’s Passive: Hack the Environment? Doors, Traps, Banners: An Arena of Possibility

What if Crypto's passive was that he could actually hack? These would feel very dynamic and cool. Could have 3-6 items hacked at a time, and would take a bit of time to hack an item. Hacking can be done via drone or Crypto himself. The idea is to turn Crypto into someone who disruptes the Apex Games for anyone who is using technology.
Some random examples:

Banner Hack: The signs will become your eyes. Will ping enemies within a range in a large cone pattern from the banner.

Door Hack: Keep them away while you are in your drone or need to buy time. You overcharge the doors electric lock, enemies can not open it and it will explode like an arc star if they get near.

Reverse-hack enemy traps: That trap was smartly placed, too bad you're smarter. Can turn enemy traps (fence, gas trap, etc.) and devices into your own.

Thanks, hope you enjoy. If you really like it, share it with devs or some crap. I don't know their Twitter accounts.

NOTE: I am reposting this because I deleted the original I posted like a day or two ago and rewrote it.


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