Dear duos: please stop ditching your third

"Eh Bro, how 'bout we land there?"
"Yeah, why not, let's go"

proceeds to relinquish Jumpmaster to the third random and drop solo without pinging

"Eh Bro, how 'bout we go this way?"
"Yeah, sure Bro, let's go"

Proceeds to run away without pinging while the third squadmate is trying to gather something else than a shield cell and a pack of shotgun ammo

"Eh Bro, the other guy is getting jumped"
"Yeah, sucks to be him"

Proceeds to keep going while they completely abandon the third one trying to survive because he had no goddam loot and didn't realize they were gone

"Eh Bro, that random squadmate sure sucked, right?"
"Yeah, totally, randoms are the worse."

Okay, seriously, I know it's not always like that, but this is getting on my nerves lately. Duos not using ping cause they're talking to each other in their own party, so you have to spend half your game watching the map to make sure they just didn't leave you there, and the other half running back and forth to try to keep up…. that's just not cool.

Sometimes I run into duos that are just talking and joking around with each other but still trying to communicate, and those are great games. We might lose, we might win, but at least we were a team and not just a duo and "that third guy that's following us"

Ended up with two guys that were joking about always winning when they landed Thunderdome, and wondering if they should tempt fate. Told them (through game "vocal chat on PS4", don't know how to call that) to "please don't tempt fate", they laughed, we landed, got slaughtered, and that was a fun short game.

Please be more like these guys.


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