Dear Respawn, get Overwatch (of CSGO)

Guys, let's admit it – you failed – whatever system you have to ban cheaters being AI or manual – both are failing.

I cannot understand how someone Diamond Level 2 cheats a whole bloody day is not banned – I saw him on Diego's Stream in the afternoon cheating – he killed my whole squad in the evening and in the same game he kills Diego again. I mean; I reported him; my mate reported him; Diego reported him twice in 2 different games – how does that not raise alarms to the 'system' you have? – wait, do you have one? or you're solely depending on easy-anti cheat?

Since probably you get bazillions of reports on cheating; let the community help you; get up a system like CSGO has with Overwatch – (for those who don't what overwatch in csgo is: people report players – other people review that report and if multiple reviewers say that he's cheating – then he is banned – it's not as simple as that but that's the general idea)

Does this system get ALL the cheaters? of course not – but at least we can get the obvious ones. And whoever got f**ked because of a cheater – lost RP can be given back – it's not their fault.

On the other hand – what about automation? Is there anything server side? I'm quite sure that the server does know the accuracy and headshot count on a kill by someone – if you see a pattern happening like 10 times – that's definitely not a fluke – something is wrong here – especially in the same game!

/rantout (after loosing a Diamond match to a Silver 2 cheater with 12 kills)

On the bright side? it's not just you – it's whole gaming industry.


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