Debate – changing Mirage’s ultimate to emergency dance party would be a nerf instead of a buff (with suggestions)..

His ultimate is currently the only good thing he has to him, and probably a big reason why a lot of players even main him to begin with. I saw someone suggest on the sub, credit to them, that they should make it so emergency dance party is activated when his invisibility wears off, which I think would be much, much better of a change than emergency dance party as the sole ultimate.

That, along with the removal of the dust he kicks up would be perfect for the ultimate, his tactical needs 2 charges though, maybe clones of teammates too, with them interacting with things (I.e, ziplines). Also a cool unique addition would be the ability to switch to the POV of a decoy, just able to look around which would also be a nice way to scout an area. Also, sending a decoy towards a downed opponent would automatically use a finisher on them – replenishing your shields while you arent stationary.

In terms of passive, he needs a new one tbh. This could be something like blurring enemy vision for 3 seconds if a decoy is shot, with the addition of being able to tell if enemy decoys are real or not. However, this heavily relies on the tactical, so any suggestions would be great.



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