Despiration Attempt.

(not a native English speaker)

Hey Apex community,

My apex account that I've spent a lot of money on got wrongfully banned for cheating today.
I'm writing this post laying in bed looking for stories of people with a similar situation as mine. People that had their accounts banned be it wrongful or not. These people all tried contacting TOS support and got an automated response telling them it might be any of a couple reasons as to why their account got banned, but no concrete reason/proof. I'm honestly really worried by this because I really havent done anything wrong and I feel like I have no legit way of appealing this…
I recently spent 1000 euros buying a new gaming pc. I bought this pc especially for apex cause my old crappy laptop couldn't run it anymore. Ive been over the moon playing apex with this new setup recently, only to find out today I probably wont be able to anymore.
I'm honestly not sure why I'm making this post. I guess I'm hoping it wil blow up and catch the attention of a real person over at respawn that can really check if I've done something wrong. Because if I did do something wrong then by all means ban me. But it just feels a bit unfair..

For anyone wondering what I'd be losing if it were for my account not to be unbanned: to my knowledge I have 121 legendary skins since I last checked the progress on the legendary badge thingy. Ive also got 2 heirlooms and a bunch of other event/battle pass skins I really don't wanna lose..

So please respawn I appreciate you trying to ban cheaters but please take a look at my account..

(I'm also not sure how I could be a cheater cause I suck major peepee at this game. My stats dont lie)

Kind Regards,
A very sad apex player


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