Did matchmaking change drastically for you this week too?

I feel like I'm going crazy so I'll ask here and see if anyone else has this issue.

I play NA PC and this week the game has been absolute hot trash. I've consistently managed about a 1.6+ KD since launch and win one game per about 1-1.5 hours of play. I get the occasional bad teammates, sometimes more than occasional, but things ebb and flow and there's a pretty comfortable average. At least there was, until this week.

This week, same old me, doing the same old things, but…

In ranked – I'm seeing exclusively diamond and master teams. I'm plat IV because I play solo, and I can usually hold my own okay but not when EVERY fucking team in the server is a premade diamond/master/pred team. Absolute misery.

In casual – I'm getting exclusively matched with people that are just straight up new at the game. Very early levels and it's clear they don't know the game well at all. We're being thrown into a grinder of predators and getting absolutely slaughtered every. single. fucking. game.

Anyone else notice a big change this week? My Season 5 KD dropped from 1.65 to 1.55 in two nights of playing, and I just can't catch a fucking break. It's not a tilt, something's fucky with matchmaking, and i'm just straight up not going to play apex anymore if it stays like this.

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