Did they make changes and not release patch notes?

This might sound like I’m bitching, but I’m generally curious.

I’ve been playing apex since before season 1 (on Xbox). I’m not amazing or anything, but I average 25 wins a week (roughly 10% of games played). I average 4 or so kills a game. My teammate on the other hand is very good, he played Halo competitively for years, he averages 6-8 kills a game.

In the last 2 weeks things have changed drastically. When playing without a pre-made team, I’m not getting any random teammates over level 40 or anyone with good stats. Today I actually got paired with someone with stats similar to mine and they didn’t give us a 3rd. It happened again a few hours later as well (different person, similar stats). Did they change match making?

On to the biggest issue, when playing with a pre-made squad (my usual 2 teammates) we win around 40% of our games. Over the last two weeks we’ve won 10 (way off from normal). What is going on with this game?

This game feels broken, I’m dumping full clips into people before they even turn around and then they turn and knock me in literally half a second with full purple and health.

Anyone else feel like something is different the last two weeks? Did Xbox players start cheating or something? Those controller scripts or something? Did they change the game mechanics?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/e25x0g/did_they_make_changes_and_not_release_patch_notes/

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