Do the free packs have anything other than blues and whites

Do they? I've been opening them.. Everyone has has had a combo of blues and whites…

If these are the same packs you can currently buy… I'm good.. no thanks.. I'm not even getting epics in these things.. Ever.. I bought the 25 that were on discount and got I THINK 2 epics…

Giving us free packs and then lowering the chances of the things inside of them makes it kind of a pointless gesture. I NEVER used to go this long without at least getting a purple..

I can understand the free packs having a lower chance since they are free.. but there is nothing to say that these aren't the same exact ones you pay for.. if that is the case.. You aren't getting a dime from me.

You've done a lot lately to try to retain players to make money.. Well here is one with almost 6k games that has given up spending another dollar on this game.


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