Do you always try to win?

When solo queuing sometimes my teammates don’t even try to win or make a smart play for the end game (even in ranked). For example, they will run straight into a fight and go down after knocking 1 or 2 people and then disconnect or spam ping the enemy.

It seems like they aren’t even trying to win.

Do people give less effort based on teammates selected legend or low tracker stats?

If your tm8 is rampart or Wattson (or a lower tier legend) do you throw that game on purpose?

If your tm8 has 30 kills total or is low level, do you drop hot a try to die?

I solo queue a lot and it often seems like my teammates have no intention of winning the match.

It’s really annoying and off-putting to be halfway through a game and one teammate just runs away and dies when we have good position or some other advantage.

Give each game a fair shot, at least for your teams sake. What do you guys think?


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