Do you feel like Pathfinder is a recon legends?

Here's my point:

For me, Path seems more like an assault legends (like Wraith / Mirage) fighter than a recon (Bloodhound / Crypto). Unlike the two other, Path doesn't have a way to track down enemy, in fact the only things that he was able to track was the ring… But since Blood and Crypto can now do the same, Path seems less team useful… He sure can have great mobility with his Grappling and Zipline but that doesn't feel like recon ability but more for go in / out of fight… In addition, it doesn't seems that a lot of Pathfinder use the ring trackers even with the new passive…

With all that, I just feel like Pathfinder is just an assault legends with the ability to use ring trackers, but I wanted to know if it's a general impression or just me who have some extra brain damage caused by all the 100k kills Path main that I encounter ?

(English it's not my native language please don't bully me… Or at least not too hard)


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