Do you think SBMM is in a good place right now?

I'm not noticing as many complaints as before about SBMM, since Respawn seems to have toned it down. I think Respawn can still do a lot better with the matchmaking system.
I mostly solo queue, and it's really hard to enjoy the game that way, for many reasons, all having to do with the skill gap between teammates. As I understand it, as others have said, the game evaluates your skills, let's say on a scale from 1 to 10. If you're for example evaluated ( for that particular match ) as a 10, the matchmaking system gives you temmates that are lower, let's say 7 or 8. Or next match maybe you're placed in a match where you're the 7 or 8, and you get a 20k bomb 4k ttv pred for a teammate, while the champion squad is a premade! three stack pred squad with 15k kills each. So you're either the noob, or your teammates are the noobs in any given match. In the scenario where I'm not the noob, most of my teammates get themselves killed, and I'm the kind of player that always tries to prioritize reviving a downed teammate above all else, even if it gets me killed as well, I try to leave no man behind. Very rarely do I find a teammate that has both game sense and wants to work together as a team. I have over 1800h in the game, and sometimes I get teammates that are still learning the game, and I don't mind helping them, other times I get teammates that shoot at me, instead of the enemy, while the squad that wiped us were premade predator sweats, how is that fair to anyone? SBMM was bad before ( a lot of players complained, me included, they tweaked it ), but I think it's still bad, because you're either carrying or being carried, and that gets exhausting after a while


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