Does anybody else come across a lot of angry Apex players on in-game voice chat?

I was just wondering as I always seem to encounter this. Maybe it’s just unlucky that it happens so much to me?

For example today I had a game and I did quite well and a fair bit of damage, to be honest it probably wasn’t my best performance but it was a good try. My teammate did similar to me and my other teammate was doing a lot, which is obviously great. But when we died, out of nowhere this guy that was doing really well turns on his mic and starts complaining about where we tried to self-revive and saying we were dog sh*t and then claimed to have killed nearly half the server (he had 7 kills, not really anywhere near 30 but ok).

I mean it’s just a game and there’s no need to be shouting at people you don’t know down the mic when everyone is trying their best. It’s like people struggle to separate reality from in-game, there’s no need to start real life arguments about it, everyone has losses.

I do always try to mute people when I see they have a mic to avoid it happening but sometimes I forget to or they plug in their mic right at the end. It would be cool if there was an option on the game to turn off in-game voice chat completely, because to be honest if I wanted to listen to them, I’d invite them to a party.

Does anyone else experience this?


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