Don’t match different tiers of the same rank together!

Climbing solo is hard, and it's even harder when you still get jellybrain plat 4 randos while you are in plat 2. So please, let them play only with other plat 4 who don't give a fuck about winning and let me play with players actually trying in plat 2.

Since you can't lose RP at the start of plat 4 and also can't demote most randoms have a "Fuck off I can't lose RP anyways" attitude. Just like the Gibby in my last match dropping solo and then screamed in voice in russian.

When you aren't willed to make ranked actually skillbased, please let these trolls play with other trolls.

I have no problems waiting longer when I won't get plat 4 randos giving shit about the mode because they know they never will reach diamond, so they keep ruining games with dropping solo and leaving.

This way the trash will get seperated on its own because they are stuck at plat 4 anyways.


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