Easy Fixes for Ranked

When we read the post for the Ranked season (not series) I think it’s safe to say it was pretty underwhelming. Not really addressing any issues or fixes to the current situation in ranked such as:


•Low tier ranks going up against the top tier


The hacking in ranked has basically gone untouched by the Devs and is getting way out of hand. The anti-cheat is pretty terrible and you rarely see hackers get banned. Plus, it doesn’t stop them from making a new account and doing it again. Some changes i’d make would be:

•Increase the level requirement for ranked from (10) to roughly (100)
This way, they can’t just make a new account and play for 20 minutes and they come back again. They would have to play for hours to be able to return to their old ways. As another plus, most players who join ranked this way are much more equipped and familiar with Apex and it’s controls/meta, so it would lead to better teammates

•Have a way to verify your account to play ranked
Similar to how you need a EA account to play Apex, make a way to verify your account before you play ranked. Hopefully by a actual person or very powerful bot. This would be a drag but it would slow down or even stop hackers from applying to join the ranked season

Terrible Matchmaking

If you look in the comments of the Ranked Season, you will find people calling BS on the 3% Platinum vs Predators encounters. The Devs even say themselves that it would be impossible to get more leveled up playing fields without having 30 minutes queue times. Best solution is to get more players in the ranked playlist. My solution would be:

•The Ranked Shop

The Ranked Shop would have tons of f2p rewards purchasable with RP at the end of the season
(Hopefully fan made content, such as the nessie wattson skin)

Example being: If I got 7384RP it would be rounded up to the nearest 100 for simplicity sake, bringing your season balance to 7400 to spend in the Ranked shop.

You can’t spend your RP on items until the season ends, this is to incentive playing more then necessary to get the skin you want plus more.

RP from previous season would be accessible for future purchases, and carry over for future season.

Just like the battle pass, there should be season long high tier reactive weapon or skin. This would incentivize grinding to show off your high tier skin and would be more meaningful then a gun charm.

I hope this sparks meaningful and polite discussion.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ibpd2x/easy_fixes_for_ranked/

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