Every second matters in a gun fight

For those of you who know or didnt even realize, I like to play competitively and being a competitive player means we are very petty and picky on the littlest things haha..

Most of you probably already know, but this post explains about the 1+ second of time you can save when reloading.

Heres what I mean:
If you go in training, and test any gun try

  1. Spraying out the whole mag of your preferred firearm until empty and let it reload.
  2. Watch it reload and count in your head, I counted 3 seconds for most of my guns.

Now for the comparison you can do for yourself

Try leaving just 1 bullet in your preferred firearm doesnt really matter if you leave 1 bullet in your mag or just one shot out just make sure theres atleast one bullet in there atleast.

  1. Shoot 1 bullet or how ever many you want but dont clear the mag
  2. Reload and count in your head, I counted 2 seconds.

So those 1-2 seconds you save especially in close range rights can really determine the outcome of your close range fights. Might seem abit petty and stupid hearing this but it actually makes a big difference, due to the fact that most players I see that die happen to die due to that 1 second they lost of shooting they COULD have done.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/bs7zt5/every_second_matters_in_a_gun_fight/

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