Everybody who feels that Pathfinder has a hitbox issue should post their gifs and videos from their gameplay in this thread. Try to record and post in the highest quality possible.

We have all seen sketchy videos where we can’t tell if the hitbox has an issue or if OP is trash. Every comment about Path is either “he’s broken.” or, “I’ve never seen any proof that his hitbox is broken.”

It’s time for us to try and settle this amongst the community.

I’ll post a video from my gameplay in the comments. I’ve had people tell me I missed, but after watching the raw footage frame by frame I’m fairly confident most of my shots were on target. (Let me know if and why you think otherwise.)

Hopefully we can start a meaningful discussion about this, because I don’t think anybody thinks pathfinder should have a hitbox that’s too easy to hit. I think that patching his hitbox was a positive change, but they went a little overboard with cutting some of it out. I think it just needs to be more accurate to his player model, and the cosmetic features on his back and thighs should be included as part of it. (Just my opinion. Feel free to share your own below.)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/bve1xo/everybody_who_feels_that_pathfinder_has_a_hitbox/

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