Friends left for the new CoD and without solos I’m sadly probs going to stop playing due to lack of solo mode

As I'm sure we are aware, the new CoD is out. Unfortunately my normal squad of about 6 pals have started to play CoD and now I'm left playing with randoms a lot more, and it's starting to seriously piss me off. It feels like only hardcore Apex players are left (I like to think I'm one of them), and they pretty much always squad. Which leaves me in the mix with what feels like mainly bad players or players that I don't seem to be able to play with.

My friends and I made diamond last season and this season. I'm not saying we're amazing or anything, but we would always play normals and ranked as a 3 and I honestly have only just realised how much this made the game for me. If they are playing a lot less I just want to play on my own as I'm sick to death of being forced to play with other people. I mainly just drop on my own anyway and try and kill a few teams (though doing this feels much harder this season). I really feel sorry for all of the solo Apex players out there because it's such a mixed bag with teammates that it takes away from the core gameplay experience. I know people will always say "oh, but other teams will have bad players too" and I would just respond by saying: (a) yeah and they die to the same squad of three good players that kill half the lobby that I die to; and (b) I don't care about other teams because playing with randoms often frustrates me regardless of what everyone else's team is like.

What's even more frustrating is that I spent c. £350 so far! I did this thinking that (like the 8 years I spent playing LoL) I would have these skins for years so it was worth the investment. But it kinda feels like FPS players bounce around games a lot more than people who play more unique games (like RTS or Moba games).

Anyway sorry for the rant, I just thought I would add to the whole "please add solos" chant because I think the game would have much more growth potential if it had that mode. Right now it alienates people who don't have squads lined up (as I have recently experienced). At the end of the day sometimes I just want to come in from work and play alone if my friends aren't online. And I will give Fortnite credit where it's due – it had lots of gameplay options for whatever you wanted to do. That aside, the game is fantastic from a core gameplay perspective and it's really enjoyable to play when the conditions are right.

So, unfortunately, adios good people! It has been a pleasure. I don't really want to swap games, but the tide is heading that way 🙁


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