Good job respawn.

I haven’t posted here in awhile since iceborne for monster hunter came out. I didn’t really spend money or anything, didn’t really bother with season pass so I can’t really comment on any of that but I would like to say “good job” to Respawn for their new update.

I lost the thrill for fps a few years ago, they are like take away food, it’s filling but leaves you feeling dissatisfied. However this new update brought with it one of the funnest game modes in the form of shadowfall. I can’t even mind the full name but the flight or fight game mode with the player zombies.

It’s honestly one of my fave game modes to date next to cod zombies back the days. The challenge and rush you get is challenging but rewarding, you get a real rush at the finish line and everyone either chips in or dies trying.

It’s the most amount of fun I’ve had in awhile. I don’t keep up to date with apex but I still have it downloaded on the ps4 as a few friends still love it and play it constantly, I don’t even no if this post will land with great favour but I wanted to say I enjoy it anyways. It’s just a game and for a casual/old day 1 player it’s nice to drop in once in awhile and get a few games.

Love the direction they are taking the game and I look forward to other game modes like this when I next drop in. 🙂

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