Great update Respawn! And to all the folks who claimed they were doing nothing…

It seems fair to give all you nay-sayers another chance at being a supportive community member. Heck, I get it. Perhaps we can give you two extra chances. Nobody is perfect.

From one community member to another though, it’s time to back off the shit train. I’m not saying you need to blow rainbows up anyone’s butt (though I’d get a good laugh if you did).

What I do think it would be great to do is to acknowledge that Respawn is full of passionate people who have big goals for the game and a strong interest in meeting the interests of their community. Their recent update provides a lot of optimism.

Does this mean they’ll be perfect every time and never mess anything up? Nope. Nor should we expect them to be perfect. They’re going to break some shit along the way, and I’m okay with that. It’s part of pushing boundaries and building something great.

And yes… some of you may say I’m getting ahead of myself. You may say that they still have to deliver and to this I agree. Yes they do.

I really wonder what it will take to please some of you though.

Overall, great job Respawn. Thanks for providing additional content for us to chew on in a fantastic FPS shooter. Keep it up!


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