Grievances Of Annoying Things

The following is a list of things that occur, some commonly spoken about, some not.

  1. If you're eating, keep your mic turned the heck off
  2. When you get knocked, don't leave the game
  3. Quit NOT selecting a legend, and then complaining when somebody takes your main
  4. Just because people don't go where you want to go or have the extended light mag you were requesting doesn't mean you have to be toxic in every way known to man
  5. If your squad is about to die, don't screw over the other squad for the purpose of screwing over the other squad; only do it if it adds onto your kill count or something.
  6. Don't land wherever you ping: land somewhat close to your team.
  7. Likewise, when you get knocked because you went off alone, don't complain that they're taking a while to get your banner.
  8. If you're a loot rat, then stop being one; don't take every single item.
  9. When you leave your teammates with shitty guns and you have all of the good stuff, don't expect them to be able to do a whole lot.


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