Gun balancing/replace hopup need by making guns better

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Changing the way weapon types work could reduce the need for damage optimization from hopups like Displacer and hammerpoint. Heavy:better headshot
Light: Better unarmored
Energy: Better armor
Shotgun: Better body

The huge backlash over a few types of hopups (disrupter, hammerpoint, and even skullpiercer in some cases) got me thinking. Why not remove those two specific hopups and change the way some guns work?
I'm thinking along the lines of improving what the weapon subtypes do.
Heavy ammo for example, should have a larger headshot multiplier since the bullets are larger and would make more sense to do more damage. This could let players with more accuracy and skill reap the rewards of sticking with the, usually, slower firing heavy guns.
Honestly this could either stack with the skullpiercer or just be a cause for the hopup to be removed from the game.

Light ammo could do a small damage upgrade to unarmored targets, taking place of the hammerpoints, working with a hopefully much smaller multiplier, and giving fast firing light weapons more lethality up close. This improvement could also improve the usefulness of weapons such as the G7, or the P2020 without the need of having to get lucky and find the hopup.

Energy ammo could take the place of the displacer weaponry and Gain a multiplier against armored targets in a way similar to the light ammo I suggested. It would make energy weaponry more effective with it's long-range potential with the trade off of having a slower startup and fire time. It would also mean energy weapons would be more used and give good incentive to use the guns.

Finally shotguns could gain a body-shot multiplier, making them far more useful for close fights. Especially in the later game where level 3 shields are common it would give incentive to stick with such a close-range weapon throughout the game.

Food for thought, I feel that this boost would give every gun in the game more functionality, reduce the need of a few hopups while also making certain guns worth using that aren't in the current meta.
Additionally it boosts the effectiveness of some playstyles that currently have little love. Fast firing weapons are currently the hard hitters of late game and they rapidly outpace the slower firing weapons like the G7 of triple take


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