Has Code:leaf Gotten Worse?

Alright, so I don't know about you, but it seems like code leaf has just gotten worse since the launch of season two. Before season two launched, it was bearable. It was not that bad, it would happen now and then, but I could deal with it. Then season 2 came out…

I don't know if you guys are having this happen to you, but I play on Xbox 1, and I get code leaf CONSTANTLY. It is literally beginning to make the game unplayable. And it has only been getting worse as time progresses! As of a few days ago, now I get code leafs on the first games of my play sessions, which didn't used to happen. And if I make it past that, chances are that I'll get it on my second game. If I make it past that, I am usually good for a few more games, but chances are that by my 5th to 6th game it's 50/50 whether or not I'll get code leaf, and and the odds rise dramatically after that.

And THEN, when a code leaf occurs, there's literally a 70% chance I'm going to have to restart my game. If I don't restart I will just end up relogging for 5-10 minutes, during that time half the times I'll get a codeleaf before making it to the home screen and the other half It'll happen during match making. Then 10% of the time it'll start putting me into a match and then code leaf me in the loading screen. You literally aren't safe until you are selecting your characters.

And then, when I restart l will usually have to do it twice nowadays, which, once again, didn't used to be the case. The first time I restart there's a 70% chance it will work. Other than that it will code leaf, and once I get into my game I will have to start the whole process over again.

This KILLS the flow of the game when I'm playing ranked and doing really well (ranked is such a grind), and I have to spend 3-5 minutes until I can que for a chance to get into another game. And it is MORE infuriating when I load up the game, and then have to spend 5-10 minutes before I can even play due to having to relog and restart due to code leaf. And before you say it, yes. My internet is perfectly adequate, it isn't the best, but it gets the job done and is perfect in all other online games I play.

I honestly can barely find it in myself to play the game. If it wasn't for wanting to rank up, I honestly think I wouldn't even try playing anymore, because the game works against me at all possible turns.

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