Here is why you should ALL care about the state of cosmetics in this game.

First of all sorry for my not-perfect English, I'll try to explain as best as I can.

I'm seeing a lot of misconception about cosmetics item in this subreddit, especially after the last 2 san valentine items were added.

People are a bit pissed off about the pricing of these items, and most of the answer given by the people on the subreddit is "why would you even care, it's a free game, you're not forced to buy these items, if you don't like them or you can't afford them just don't buy them."

Well here is the problem: I don't know if you guys realize that a F2P game is free not because the developers are super generous and are here just to make you happy. FREE to PLAY games are free because they revolve on making money in other ways, like cosmetics.

If cosmetics are bad or overpriced fewer people will buy them and guess what, your lovely game will be in trouble since devs (or should I say EA since it's the publisher?) won't make enough money and everything will start to sucks, slower and fewer updates, less communication between devs and player base etc.

I've worked as a Graphic Designer for a bit and I can ensure you that the 2 items that were added this morning at the cost of 10$ each are absolute crap for their value, we are talking of a 2D image that works only on a specific character and that only you and your teammates will see if they are not alt-tabbed during the preload of a match (or even the enemies if you happen to be the Champ squad, but still…).

And of a texture, yes a texture, not a model change, just a texture for a weapon that nobody will look at during your match and you'll be only able to see partially due to First person camera.

Take league of legends, for example, I know they started with low quality-trash skins, but right now they're offering skins for champions that changes: sounds and voice, the model of the character, particles effects, and they are also giving you a 2D artwork that is freaking amazing most of the time, and everything that I've just listed will be also seen by each other player in the match, and guess what's their price for that, 7-8$.

I know LoL and Apex are 2 completely different products but this was just an example on what you SHOULD expect for 10-20$ when you buy a cosmetic item.

Don't forget that the more well crafted is the cosmetic item the more are the chance that people will buy it and the more is the chance that the game will survive for much longer.


Everyone should care about the quality of cosmetics in the game since people buying them are the only reason you're all able to play this game for free and right now the quality of these items doesn't match its current price.


Since some people seem to have forgotten what happened with a lot of previous EA published games here's a quick recap to y'all "I tHiNk EA kNoWs BeTtEr tHaN u WhAt'S bEsT fOr A gAmE"


-Killed titanfall 2 by releasing it in the same moment at Battlefield 1, killed then BF1 with shitty updates and poor cosmetics/loot boxes.

-Killed Star wars Battlefront 2 thanks to loot boxes. (I was wrong, the 1° didn't have loot boxes)

-Almost killed Battlefield V before it was even released thanks to the poor marketing campaign and then definitely killed it with lack of updates, missing contents, missing balance and again poor customization and cosmetics that sucks hard.

-Killed Mass Effect Andromeda.

-And it will probably also kill anthem really quickly thanks to the release of Apex really close to it.

Should I go on?


I'm starting to think that most of you that comments with "this is f2p game, they have to make money, the prices are good" didn't even read below the 2° line, otherwise, there is no way you couldn't understand the point of that thread. Please, read again, and start to think in the long term of this game, don't be blind only because the game is actually awesome (and I second that! I love this game, it's like a drug so don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to make you hate Apex Legends.)


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