Here’s some useful Advice: ” Don’t even ping something if you don’t want someone taking it. “

So I just had a match and this guy was pinging stuff and he pinged a cargo bot and shot it down.

He then pings a gold helmet but I was far away so I rush all the way over to his position and take it, seriously I was very far away. After I leave the area and was looking to snipe enemies with my Triple Take I start to notice someone is punching me. At first it seemed like it was a enemy but it was that guy who was pinging stuff and he was pissed off about the gold helmet I guess. The ping guy starts to shoot me with both guns and of course no damage so now its time for ping man to throw arc stars so I could get damage and take his ping rage off on me. I had to run away from the arc star damage and the ping guy was just chasing me to the very end. When he died at the the top 6 squads left, his box was way far into the ring. Me and the other team mate didn't even bother to loot his death box and of course he had to ping his death box like a mad man. Top 4 squads now and I die and watch my other team mate die to a full squad. I had to fight the ping baby and the other teams… Wow.

He did absolutely nothing but waste time chasing me all over the damn map.

Folks if you don't want someone taking your items don't even ping it.


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