Here’s what Respawn REALLY needs to change about Apex legends 😜

First off, I’m a new player (2 months and only 275 hours played, KD .19). Perhaps my opinion may not be as valid as more experiences gamers.

I’d say I enjoy the events greatly. Keep them coming, it’s gives me something to look forward too. As well motivation to do well during them. I missed out on the new Path skin, (all white) 😢

Regarding Solos… I also believe once data is complied we will all see solos coming back. So I am patiently waiting for that to come back. My guess is the reasoning behind this is monetary. Meaning the first solo was a teaser, to be brought back like a new toy for Christmas, to introduce a new skin, or another event. The business model is that of instigating the purchase of skins. So similar to a movie premiere, everything that happens as we think is random has been carefully and strategically thought out prior to being launched. We saw the secret for the new Watson character, octane area and now voidwalker event in the promo start screen for months.
If we had everything we wanted all the time, there would be no incentive for us as players to spend money.
Money, that’s a very sensitive subject as I’m reading. What’s worth $20 or not. Money will always divide us in a great many ways. Yet, this shouldnt be an us against them. Accept what is. Takes money to deliver this amazing game, and equally those who feel the pain of not being able to afford the skins aren’t freeloaders. Their feelings are validated. Just like my disappointment in Highschool for having to drive a 1979 Honda Civic vs the BMW kids. But why complain some kids didn’t even have cars..

Furthermore I would like to have an area in the map that we could spawn too directly after a death to “play, wait, or whatever between games” Waiting that long to choose characters, and to see who the last champion was is hard. I see why. Incentive to win, bragging rights and pride to win. What’s the point if no one can see who the badass team was. Show the winners on banners in the area, or on a huge “corporate navy ship” in the body of water. Cheering fans, medics, targets to shoot at, warm up etc.

Sorry so long… I’d also like to see coded algorithms auto balance gameplay/players based on: KD, total kills, total damage, total games, total hours, badges. I’m sure it’s equally frustrating for top level players to be match with newbies as it is for newbies to be mowed down seconds after they drop in skull town lol. Very similar to battlefield. Although I understand you can’t get better without getting your butt handed to you for awhile, there is a HUGE learning curve that has greatly affected my KD. Yes I care about my KD!

I can already hear, go to ranked vs pubs. Well that’s Is like forcing me to choose between republicans or democrats. Can I choose neither? I want a middle of the road choice for casual players. Or something of a pro series level badge based on KD, damage, games played etc. Equally, and once you make it to that level you cannot go back to the newbies area.

hackers. If you can’t beat em, join em. Instead of painstakingly trying to catch and ban them, why not create an algorithm that searches for hacking mods and put them all in their own game. Hacker vs hacker, cheater vs cheater. Hard to mow down another aimbot with an aimbot! Or rather equals the playing field.

Consequences for early disconnect. OR a 2 min timer after someone has been killed. The above mentioned changes would alleviate a freaked out newbie from NOT reviving someone. Or make a bad ass skin for those who DC less, Revive more. The proverbial carrot vs the stick….

Anyway as I play more perhaps my perspective will change….

Thoughts comments concerns??


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