Hey Respawn, I’m dying for a Apex Community Skin Event

Hear me out,

3 Random legends are picked and the Apex community designs a skin for those legends. The community votes for a winner for each legend. The winners will have their skin design added into the game and will receive it for free.

The entire event will last for 2 weeks.

Week 1: Entry week – Players will have a week to submit skin ideas for whatever legends they like by posting it in a special thread on the Apex Legends forum. (Or devs can create a special page to submit/view design).

To submit a design, you must be logged into the EA Website and post your design with your IGN.

You are only allowed to submit 1 design per legend.

Week 2: Voting Week – On a voting page linked from Origin or EA website, the community will vote for whatever skin they like per legend.

To vote you must be logged into Origin or EA website. On the voting page you must submit the creators IGN AND the legend of the design.

After the voting week has ended, Respawn tallies up the highest voted skins and announces the winners. Each winner will be notified when they will receive their skin.

This event can be held once per season or even annually. It’s a great way to see our community’s creativity and express our love for the game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/itk7wd/hey_respawn_im_dying_for_a_apex_community_skin/

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