Hitbox/Hitreg Issues (Inc. Pathfinder)

At this point we have all seen dozens, if not hundreds, of posts from those who believe they are having issues fighting against Pathfinder, saying that their hits are not registering and calling the character broken. This may be true, but it may not be, and this is why I created this thread. Now, those that believe he is broken, stick with me, ‘cause I’m not necessarily disagreeing.

The facts as we know them:

1: At one point Pathfinder’s hitbox was too large, and Respawn trimmed it down.

2: His current hitbox doesn’t fully conform to his model, particularly the Legendary skins. For reference:

3: Apex, as a whole, has hit registration issues, confirmed by Respawn themselves.

The question: Is Pathfinder actually more “broken” than the other characters, or is it a matter of players conflating the two issues?

I believe that it’s entirely possible that people are taking these two issues and subconsciously combining them. Because of this, they then pay more attention to when their shots don’t register on a Pathfinder character, creating confirmation bias. I’m encouraging everyone to take some time and pay attention to their fights against other characters going forward, and see if they notice the hit reg issues there, and return here to report their findings.

Whatever we find, good hunting.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/bpibrh/hitboxhitreg_issues_inc_pathfinder/

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