Horizon ability ideas

Passive: gravity boots, fall faster and release a gravity shockwave on landing from high heights and jump higher or double jump.

Tactical: gravity blast, Releases a blast of gravity around her knocking back players, bullets, ordinance, and destroying doors. 1.5 second activation time and 35 second cooldown. Would apply to all projectile abilities, revenant silence, Gibby and Bangalore ultra, crypto’s drone etc. Would not work on thermite already burning.

Ultimate: defying the laws, gain a set amount of energy that can be used to make Horizon float in any direction. Cannot fire weapon but can throw ordinance and use shields and heals. Use the movement controls to direct direction. Use ult command to turn off early. If ult ends and you are in the air, you will just fall straight down. 1:30 cooldown.

Lmk what you think of this. I based everything around manipulating gravity. Would this be useful, would this be broken?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/jby1h2/horizon_ability_ideas/

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