Hot Take: Lifeline shouldn’t have a Care Package Ult

I can't count how many games I have played where it seems like a teammate picked Lifeline just for the care packages. I say this because so often I see Lifeline players just not make use of their free revive passive, and it makes me wonder why they picked Lifeline at all if they're not gonna use it! That's the most bonkers thing about Lifeline in my opinion, and it frustrates me every game I see a player just not use it, even when it would be totally free. So, I'm left to think that their reason for picking Lifeline is for "free loot." If Respawn changed the ult to something else, like the area heal shown in Dummie's Big Day, then players would be incentivized to play her purely for her healing and revive capabilities. Thoughts? Am I just a salty player who should not go down as often? Let me know your thoughts, I want to see what others think.


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