How does everyone feel about the down/respawn system? What about people who instantly eliminate?

Overall I really enjoy the system and think it makes Apex stand out among all the other BR games out there, but there are a few things that really drive me nuts:

– If your teammates finish respawning you and the respawn ship comes in, but they're killed while you're still in the ship, you die and lose the game. I don't think this is fair. I realize almost all of these will probably be a situation where the respawning player will lose anyway. However, I think that choice is depriving players of those once-in-a-lifetime clutch moments where a respawning player may actually survive that situation.

– Killing downed players is something I'm conflicted about. When players you've downed are potentially pinging your location when you don't want enemies to know where you're at, that's reasonable. That downed player gives their team a slight advantage because of pings. But just going after dudes you've already downed while in the middle of a firefight when the enemies definitely know where you're at is a dick move.

I see a lot of sweaty randoms do this for EZ eliminations. I especially hate players who just murder a downed player who they didn't even down (unless, again, they have to). You're just a chump if you do that. Unfortunately it's probably just an etiquette thing rather than an issue Respawn can actually tackle.

So what do you guys think?


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